Managing Your Social Networks

A very social pack to bring your business on!

Features of the Social Networks Management Pack Characteristics

We will develop Social Networks management proporsal and you forget them: contents for your Social Networks, emails for your potential clients and a SEM campaign proposal. A strategy for finding new clients and getting hundreds of new followers.

From $250/month*

We analyze and design an exhaustive campaign with your best social networks to manage content in the time of greatest consumption of your clients and an online advertising proposal (SEM positioning).

Social networks

One publication per month on your social networks more in line with your brand: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and/or Google+. An email every month to your potential followers and subscribers.


We include a quantitative visitors statistics every month and results report with growth in followers and social impact.

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Some Examples of Social Networks

We look for the best of your company. These are some of the challenges of managing Advanced Social Networks with dynamic content. We want to get the best communication of your company on the web. Visit these examples and check the amount of results and fun content we generate.

Other Plans and Packs Adapted in quality-price with perfect solutions for your Web

If this plan does not fit your needs, we have developed other plans with adapted rates that may be right for you. These rates are focused on the projects most asked by clients like you. We are committed to our budget and we are committed not to give you surprises to the final. Remember: we are like you and we do not do what we do not like to do to us.

from$ 99 *

Web Design: Update

  • Light change in finished web
    Change prices, products/services, contact forms or elements that do not affect the design
  • In 2 days
  • Update legal notice and cookies
  • Search Engine Optimization Review
from$ 480 /month*

Create Content

  • Creating Advanced Content (Test, Videos, Long Texts...)
  • Special Landing Page
  • Create and send 1 email/month for subscribers and potential clients
  • Create and schedule 1 publication/week for Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram
  • New Followers every month
  • Tailored Strategy proposal for Online Advertising (SEM Positioning)
  • Quantitative web analytics statistics weekly
  • Conversions + Results Report
desde30 %*

Online Advertising

  • Tailored Strategy proposal for Online Advertising (SEM Positioning)
  • Targeting by Web statistics
  • Definition of Online Campaign with Social Networks more chords
  • Creating Sponsored Publications
  • New Followers every month
  • Quantitative web analytics statistics weekly
  • Conversions + Results Report
* All rates are orientative and non-binding, are shown in DOLLAR. Valid until the December 31, 2019. Final rates including taxes with the specific characteristics of each plan/pack. These rates do not include the purchase of content and printing. Check the specific terms and conditions of the service here.