Web Advertising to be the first one in Searches

A top-notch advertising campaign!

Features of our Online Advertising Campaign SEM

SEO Positioning is very effective but slow because spend a lot of weeks before being at the top of search pages. We develop an online advertising campaign so your business will appear at first in 24 hours. We design your ads, your keywords, your audience ... Everything to find the client that needs you! And do not overpay unnecessarily.

We will propose an online marketing campaign made for you. You will reach out millions of people and have real-time results to improve each point of the campaign. We will develop a proposal of positioning SEM adapted to you. The SEM positioning consists of paying to occupy the top positions of the search pages. You get more immediate results: it is a cheaper advertising and its effectiveness is easily testable. Bringing your brand even beyond our borders thanks to the networks.

Our strategy to develop an Online Advertising Campaign:

Development of your strategy

We have set up a tailored strategy to advertise your web page on the first few pages of Google and the top search pages. We will present you an online advertising proposal that will decide how far you want to run. The proposal will include the most suitable networks for your business: Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or Linkedin.

Online Advertising Campaign SEM

In the networks that you choose we will propose the best ads, publications, keywords, limit your audience, age, maximum cost per day/month and tips for the perfect advertising campaign. For example, we advise you to advertise on Google's search networks within 5 km around your local business during the opening hours.Increase your visibility and potential clients. We look after that your product or service is in first position.

Landing Page

Creating a Landing Page: The web page where your potential clients "land" when entering your website. It should be an attractive page with everything about your business. We created several versions to analyze what works better and what interests your audience. It serves not only for the "online world" also to improve your business "offline". These web pages include a contact form to "capture" the new client.

Report results

We include a conversion code to know the origin of the new client (Facebook, Twitter, Google...) to continue to enhance the most profitable networks. We analyze the origin of the visit with Google Analytics and the strengths and weaknesses of your website. During each campaign and at the end of the campaign we make a presentation with the data obtained to analyze your target audience and the strategies that have worked best to continue to increase and grow together.

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Our Rates for Online Advertising

Of the investment you decide, we retain 30% for advertising. These rates are designed to pay no more for advertising that is not going to attract potential clients. Involved in every project tailored to your business.

In addition, we commit to our tariff. We compromise with the proposed budget so as not to give you surprises in the end. Remember: we are like you and we do not do what we do not like to do to us. These are the available networks in which we are experts developing online campaigns:

from$ 99 *

Web Design: Update

  • Light change in a finished web
    Change prices, products/services, contact forms or elements that do not affect the design
  • In 2 days
  • Update legal notice and cookies
  • Search Engine Optimization Review

from$ 250 /month*

Manage Social Networks

  • Send 1 email/month to subscribers and potential clients
  • Schedule 1 publication/month on Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram
  • New Followers every month
  • Tailored Strategy proporsal for Online Advertising (SEM Positioning)
  • Quantitative web analytics statistics weekly
  • Results report

from$ 25 *

Create Content

  • Creating Advanced Content (Test, Videos, Long Texts...)
  • Special Landing Page
  • Create and send 1 email/month for subscribers and potential clients
  • Create and schedule 1 publication/week for Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram
  • New Followers every month
  • Tailored Strategy proposal for Online Advertising (SEM Positioning)
  • Quantitative web analytics statistics weekly
  • Conversions + Results Report
* All rates are orientative and non-binding, are shown in DOLLAR. Valid until the December 31, 2019. Final rates including taxes with the specific characteristics of each plan/pack. These rates do not include the purchase of content and printing. Check the specific terms and conditions of the service here.